National Groundwater Awareness Week

Protecting Utah’s Groundwater

Since 1999, the National Groundwater Alliance has recognized the importance groundwater plays in all of our lives through National Groundwater Awareness Week. 

This year, National Groundwater Awareness Week “highlights the responsible development, management, and use of groundwater, as well as the promotion of policies impacting groundwater quality and supply.”

The Division of Water Quality’s (DWQ) Groundwater Protection Program plays an important role to ensure groundwater resources are protected and used sustainably for the benefit of current and future generations. The program is responsible for protecting the quality and availability of groundwater resources in the state. 

According to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), half of the U.S. population relies on groundwater for domestic uses and in many parts of the country, people rely on groundwater for drinking, irrigation, industry, and livestock.

DWQ scientists and engineers work to issue permits, monitor groundwater quality and identify potential contamination issues, and provide technical assistance and outreach to communities, businesses, and individuals regarding groundwater management, conservation, and protection.

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