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Quality Improvement: Strategic Planning

As stated in the Quality Advantage preface and adopted and implemented by the Utah Department of Environmental Quality, “Quality improvement begins with a shared dedication to quality—in every employee, from top to bottom, in all functions.”

This concept and philosophy permeate the UDEQ’s working environment and culture. The five pillars of quality—customer focus, total involvement, measurement, systematic support, and continuous improvement—are universally applied department-wide.

The executive staff, consisting of the executive director and division and office directors, meets weekly as a Quality Council to promote, oversee, and implement quality improvements within the organization and its structure and processes.

The divisions and offices establish individual quality councils and Quality Action Teams (QAT) as needed. QAT facilitators have been trained in each division and office. All new employees are oriented in the Quality Advantage program.

The Environmental Protection Agency has provided policy and guidance documents to assist states with guidance, standards, and elements of effective quality management plans and programs.

These have been adopted by reference.

As stated in Utah’s Performance Partnership Agreement, “UDEQ continues to operate an EPA-approved Quality Assurance Program that meets or exceeds federal requirements for all programs and provides input into the regional/national databases. The quality assurance plans developed by UDEQ for the RCRA (Resource Conservation Recovery Act), CWA (Clean Water Act), CAA (Clean Air Act), delegated programs are incorporated into this agreement by reference and will be reviewed annually by UDEQ and updated with the technical assistance of EPA as appropriate.”


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