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Best Management Practices for the Oil and Gas Industry

Top Ten BMPs: #2 Reduce Emissions During Production

  • Use enclosed tanks, central or on-site water treatment facilities instead of open pits to reduce fugitive air emissions.
  • Minimize venting and/or use closed loop process where possible during "blow downs."
  • Install a plunger lift system for removing liquids from wells or "blow downs."
  • Convert to low-emitting engines.
  • Tighten connections and replace packing to minimize leaks and fugitive emissions.
  • Use and maintain proper hatches, seals, and valves to minimize air emissions.
  • Use vapor recovery units on oil, condensate, produced water storage tanks, and dehydrators.
  • Reduce emissions of unburned hydrocarbons by routing emissions to flare or combustor or routing dehydrator still emissions to first stage compression.
  • Lower glycol circulation rate to avoid over-dehydrating.

  1. Reduce Emissions During Drilling/Completions
  2. Reduce Emissions During Production
  3. Conserve Water
  4. Less Toxic Materials
  5. Reuse Materials
  6. High Efficiency Equipment
  7. Monitoring and Maintenance
  8. Dust and Tailpipe Emissions
  9. System Design
  10. Construction and Reclamation

Reduce Emissions During Production

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