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Best Management Practices for the Oil and Gas Industry

Top Ten BMPs: #7 Monitoring and Maintenance

  • Implement a Directed Inspection and Maintenance program to identify fugitive gas leaks from leaking compressors, valves, connectors, seals, and open-ended lines using infrared cameras, organic vapor analyzers, soap solutions, and ultrasonic leak detectors; and measurement devices, such as calibrated bagging, rotameters, and high volume sampler.
  • Store drums and other material under cover, such as in a trailer, shed, or covering with tarp.

  1. Reduce Emissions During Drilling/Completions
  2. Reduce Emissions During Production
  3. Conserve Water
  4. Less Toxic Materials
  5. Reuse Materials
  6. High Efficiency Equipment
  7. Monitoring and Maintenance
  8. Dust and Tailpipe Emissions
  9. System Design
  10. Construction and Reclamation

Monitoring and Maintenance

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