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Air Quality Permits

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Air quality construction permits are usually needed by companies planning to build new facilities or modify existing ones. The federal Clean Air Act also requires some industrial sources to apply for state operating permits and pay annual emissions fees.

Businesses generating small amounts of pollution may be eligible for a small source exemption. Amounts exempted vary, but range between 500 pounds and five tons per year.

Process Overview

Contact the New Source Review or Small Business Assistance to see if a permit is needed. Forms are available online.

The following steps are for obtaining a Permit to Construct or an Approval Order:

  1. You will need to submit a "Notice of Intent" (NOI) to construct along with a filing fee. The amount of the filing fee varies depending on the scope of your project; contact the New Source Review or Small Business Assistance (or refer to the NOI Guide) to determine the amount that must be submitted with your NOI.

  2. An engineer will evaluate your request for compliance with federal and State air quality rules. Your company will be expected to pollute as little as possible while still remaining cost effective.

  3. Next, an approval order is drafted describing emission limits, production rates, fuel consumption, allowable opacity, facility location, and other general conditions. An engineering manager reviews the order, and the applicant is contacted to discuss permit conditions.

  4. The approval order is published in the local newspaper closest to the proposed site. An "intent to approve" letter and a bill for processing and any remaining application fees are sent to the applicant (see Fees below). Comments are collected, evaluated, and if necessary, changes are made in permit condition.

Larger sources and those subject to federal standards must meet the Operating Permit Program requirements. Contact the Operating Permits Section for additional information.

Note: Approval orders do not expire. Operating permits are reviewed and re-issued every five years.


  • Approval orders range from $250 to more than $31,500 and are based upon size, type, and complexity of the facility.

  • Filing fees for NOIs range from $100 for a simple name change to $5,000 for a large project.

  • Operating permits are assessed annual fees, based upon yearly emissions.

Time Required

  • Approval Orders: 45 to 100 days
  • Operating Permits: 18 months


  • DEQ Division of Air Quality
    195 North 1950 West
    PO Box 144810
    Salt Lake City, UT 84114-4810
    Telephone: (801) 536-4400 | Fax: (801) 536-0601
    Ombudsman: (801) 536-4108

  • New Source Review Section
    For permits for new or expanding facilities, contact Alan Humpherys (801) 536-4142

  • Operating Permits Section
    For information on existing major sources of air pollution, contact Dave Beatty (801) 536-4060

  • Small Business Assistance Program
    For technical assistance and training, contact DEQ (801) 536-4000

  • Small Business Ombudsman
    For a liaison between DAQ and the business community, contact DEQ (801) 536-4000

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