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BizHelp: Environmental Permits

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Environmental Permitsresources includes information on how to schedule a Pre-design Meeting to introduce your new business to DEQ'spermitting process and information on DEQ'senvironmental permits that are required if your company releases pollutantsto the air, land, or water, or if you store, treat, or dispose of hazardous orsolid wastes.

New or expanding companies may need to obtain various environmentalpermits before construction begins. Permits are required for activitiesthat could adversely affect the environment. You will probably beregulated if your business could release pollutants to the air, land,or water, or if you store, treat, or dispose of hazardous or solidwastes.

Processingtime can take between 21 and 180 days, depending upon the permit orpermits required. Complex and large scale projects may requireadditional review time. Submitting complete and accurate information inthe beginning reduces delay during reviews.

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