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Clean Harbors LLC

2018 Public Notice

Clean Harbors Grassy Mountain Facility:

Clean Harbors Grassy Mountain Facility:

Draft Permit

  1. Draft Modules I through X (646.47 KB)
  2. Draft Attachment II-7 Closure Post-Closure Plan (835.82 KB)
  3. Draft Attachment II-7 Closure Plan Tables (618.38 KB)
  4. Draft Attachment VI-2 Appendix A CQA Plan (1.52 MB)
  5. Draft Attachment VI-4 Stormwater (5.20 MB)
  6. Draft Attachment X-7 Inspection Forms (101.75 KB)
  7. Landfill Design Engineering Report (76.33 MB)
  8. Surface Impoundment Design Engineering Report (41.14 MB)

2017 Public Notice

Clean Harbors Aragonite: Trial Burn Class 3 Modification Request

Clean Harbors Grassy Mountain Facility: Site Specific Treatment Variance

Clean Harbors Clive, LLC: Hazardous Waste Permit Reissuance

  • Public Notice
  • Fact Sheet
  • Draft Permit
  • Comments: July 27, 2017 through September 11, 2017
  • Email Comments: (See Public Notice for submission details.)
  • Public Meeting:
  • August 29, 2017, 6:00 pm
  • Tooele County Building
    47 South Main Street
    Tooele, Utah
  • Contact (Email): Ed Costomiris
  • Type: Hazardous Waste Permit Reissuance

Clean Harbors Environmental Services Inc.: Used Oil Transporter Permit

Clean Harbors, Aragonite, LLC: Class 2 modification to Module 3 of the RCRA Part B Permit

2016 Public Notice

Clean Harbors, Grassy Mountian LLC, UTD991301748: Used Oil Processor Permit

2015 Public Notice

Clean Harbors, Aragonite, LLC, UTD981552177: Temporary Authorization and Class 2 Modification

Clean Harbors Grassy Mountain: Request for a Treatment Variance for a High Mercury Waste Stream with Waste Code D009, UTD991301748