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EnergySolutions Ground Water Discharge Permit UGW450005

EnergySolutions UT2300249 Licensing Amendments

Briefing on EnergySolutions' Proposed Class A West License Amendment

The Division of Radiation Control held a briefing on EnergySolutions' proposed Class A West License Amendment on September 1. The EnergySolutions Amendment Request Class A West Disposal Cell Modeling Report is available.

In a letter dated May 2, 2011, EnergySolutions submitted an amendment request to its Radioactive Material License UT 2300249. Specifically, the request is to permit a new Class A West embankment that will encompass the footprints of the existing Class A and Class North embankments. Part of this request also retracts the Class A South/11e(2) embankment design changes submitted back in January 2008.

EnergySolutions UT2300478 Licensing Amendments