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Great Salt Lake Water Quality Strategy

In April 2012, the Utah Division of Water Quality (UDWQ) launched the Great Salt Lake Water Quality Strategy (hereafter, "the Strategy") as a comprehensive approach for protecting the water quality of Great Salt Lake and its surrounding wetlands. The strategy was designed to fill critical knowledge gaps, improve the precision and clarity of UDWQ's management decisions, reduce regulatory uncertainty and improve all partners' capacity to be stewards of Great Salt Lake water quality.

When launched, the draft Strategy was composed of 5 interrelated but independent Core Components:

  1. Development of Numeric Criteria
  2. Strategic Monitoring and Research
  3. Wetland Program Plan
  4. Public Outreach
  5. Resource Plan

In response to the request for public input, UDWQ received 200 substantive public comments from the following stakeholders:

UDWQ has worked for the last two years to revise and improve the Strategy in response to public input. See UDWQ's written response to the public comments received for the 2012 Strategy documents.

Overview and Core Components

In September, 2014, UDWQ is releasing a Great Salt Lake Water Quality Strategy that was revised in response to stakeholder concerns, incorporates new data and information and includes new core components.


For more information please contact Jake Vander Laan (801) 536-4350.