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Willard Spur Steering Committee

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Boat TourThe Division of Water Quality (DWQ) formed the Willard Spur Water Quality Workgroup in 2010 to engage interested stakeholders as part of addressing a request from the Utah Water Quality Board to develop a study design to establish defensible protections (i.e., site-specific numeric criteria, antidegradation protection classes, beneficial use changes, etc.) for Willard Spur. The Workgroup was initially an ad hoc group of interested stakeholders who met periodically during 2010 to discuss concerns, available data, and alternative approaches to study the issue. The Workgroup's last meeting was on December 16, 2010 whereby its members agreed to dissolve the Workgroup and form the Willard Spur Steering Committee.

DWQ identified and finalized Steering Committee membership in consultation with stakeholders during the month of December 2010. The Steering Committee was formally charged by DWQ with:

"... the responsibility to guide the process of developing and, in the end, provide recommendations to the Utah Department of Environmental Quality, Division of Water Quality (DWQ) for site specific numeric water quality standards—or other appropriate water quality regulations—for Willard Spur that are protective of its beneficial uses and sustain the natural resources of Great Salt Lake and its associate wetlands."

Plant TourA charter document was drafted, discussed at the Steering Committee's January 20, 2011 meeting, and approved at its February 17, 2011 meeting. The charter summarizes the Steering Committee's objectives, duties, membership, meeting structure, and how decisions will be made.