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Willard Spur Research Program: 2011 Activities

The following provides a brief summary of project accomplishments in 2011. Links within the text are provided to key discussion and planning documents.

  1. The Willard Spur Steering Committee and Willard Spur Science Panel were selected and chartered. Their input and direction were of immense value in shaping and developing this research program.
  2. DWQ developed and implemented the 2011 Field Sampling Plan to provide background information describing the overall condition and function of Willard Spur. A Quality Assurance Project Plan and Standard Operating Procedures were also developed for use in field sampling.
  3. A field study to evaluate what waterfowl are consuming from Willard Spur during the fall migratory season was initiated. Dr. John Cavitt is completing this work.
  4. The Willard Spur Science Panel reviewed preliminary conceptual models for nutrient and hydrologic change stressors in Willard Spur and developed a preliminary list of research needs in September 2011.
  5. The Willard Spur Science Panel discussed and recommended a proposed Research Plan to the Steering Committee in November 2011. A phased approach was recommended that extends the project schedule into 2014. Work for Research Area No. 1 will begin in 2012 but be limited to a review of literature and summary of existing data. Recommended research for this area will continue into 2013. Field work and experiments for Research Area Nos. 2 and 3 will be phased over 2012-2013.
  6. Draft Scopes of Work were developed to provide existing Principal Investigators (PIs) working in Willard Spur the basis for developing proposals for work in Research Area No. 1 (birds, fish, macroinvertebrates, and vegetation mapping).
  7. A request for proposals was developed and issued to State of Utah universities and the USGS for work to be completed in Research Area No. 3.
Bear River Bay

Monitoring at a Willard Spur site near the outfall to Bear River Bay (WS9)

Please note that all data from this project will first be reviewed, validated, and accepted by the Science Panel before it will be distributed to the public. This is to ensure the data meets the data quality objectives for this project. Please contact Jeff DenBleyker if you have any questions.