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Willard Spur Research Program: Baseline Sampling

Research Program

As stakeholders discussed the planned discharge from the Perry Willard Wastewater Treatment Plant (Plant) in 2010, it became apparent that very little research or monitoring has been completed that described the condition and function of Willard Spur. DWQ responded with an initial sampling event in August 2010 and by developing an extensive sampling plan for 2011. The plan included the development of a Quality Assurance Project Plan (QAPP) and field Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) for use in the project.

The goals of the 2011 Sampling Plan were to collect additional environmental samples before the Plant began its operation and discharge in 2011 and to collect more detailed background information that described the overall condition and function of Willard Spur. The objective was to provide the Willard Spur Science Panel with information and understanding for use in defining the research needed to meet project objectives. The 2011 Sampling Plan addresses the collection of environmental samples but also extensive monitoring of inflows and weather conditions at the site.

A new Sampling and Analysis Plan (SAP) for 2012 was developed by DWQ with input provided by the Science Panel at its April 2012 meeting. The new SAP will continue sampling and monitoring the 2011 Willard Spur sites with the goal of understanding how conditions change during what is forecasted to be a low water year. This work, in addition to additional experiments defined in the SAP, will augment data from an ongoing nutrient cycling study being completed in Willard Spur.

Baseline Sampling

Please note that all data from this project will first be reviewed, validated, and accepted by the Science Panel before it will be distributed to the public. This is to ensure the data meets the data quality objectives for this project. Please contact Jeff DenBleyker if you have any questions.