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Willard Spur Research Program: QAPP and Field SOPs

The following standard operating procedures (SOPs) were developed by DWQ for use in the implementation of the 2011 Sampling Plan for Willard Spur and other sampling efforts in Great Salt Lake Wetlands. These SOPs incorporate review comments received from the public in May and June 2011, represent the current methods used, and are considered a work in progress. It is assumed that these methods will be reviewed and updated as needed to capture lessons learned, comments and suggestions received, and address conditions as they change on Great Salt Lake wetlands. The public is encouraged to review these SOPs and provide questions, comments and suggestions for improvement. We ask that all comments be submitted to Jeff DenBleyker to later than November 30, 2011. This will allow for sufficient time to review comments with the Willard Spur Science Panel and principal investigators and make necessary changes for use in the 2012 sampling season.

Draft SOPs

Sediment Sampling

Sediment sampling on the east end of Willard Spur.