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Utah Lake Science Panel

August 28 and August 30, 2018 - Science Panel Calls #3 and #4

Call Objectives August 28, 2018:

  • Review and confirm list of Science Panel tasks that make sense to panel members;
  • Review updated draft charge and make modifications (including addressing what to do with notes and information needs); and
  • Initiate discussion of ongoing information sharing efforts – both process (protocols) and substance (information shared and specific outstanding information requests).

Call Objectives August 30, 2018:

  • Revisit modeling efforts and discuss whether/how SP should engage with those efforts in the short-term and then how to utilize them moving forward;
  • Discuss potential Technical Consultant roles/responsibilities and schedule moving forward;
  • Continue discussion of specific outstanding information requests as necessary; and
  • Share update on UDWQ plans to set stage for discussion of uncertainty and how to assess proposed work plans and to evaluate the studies.
  • Agenda

Meeting Materials

August 8 and 9, 2018 - Science Panel Meeting #2

Meet Objectives August 8th

  • Discuss revised Science Panel Operating Principles and role of Science Panel in ULWQS process;
  • Review high-level questions and efforts to develop list of sub questions;
  • Assess initial literature review results and discuss ability to answer sub questions;
  • Learn about efforts to develop water quality models and discuss implications for the ULWQS;
  • Confirm final sub-questions to share with Steering Committee; and
  • Set context for joint meeting with Steering Committee.
  • Audio Recording

Meet Objectives August 9th

  • Reflect on Steering Committee direction;
  • Initiate efforts to develop conceptual map;
  • Initiate efforts to identify gaps in knowledge and research that will be needed; and
  • Identify next steps for Overarching Project Research Plan development.
  • Agenda (558.43 KB)

July 11 and 12, 2018 - Science Panel Calls 1 and 2

Meeting Objectives

  • Provide updates on ULWQS Phase One report and literature review task;
  • Introduce initial charge and high-level questions from the Steering Committee and provide an opportunity for Science Panel members to share reactions, identify additional ‘sub’ questions, and confirm next steps; and
  • Discuss timeline for moving forward and in particular, the August 8-9 meeting and objectives.
  • Agenda (569 KB)

Meeting Materials


Video Archive

Meeting Summary (539 KB)

May 30, 2018 - Science Panel Meeting #1

Meeting Objectives

  • Introduce Science Panel members and address organizational questions;
  • Provide introduction to the Utah Lake Water Quality Study and role of Science Panel;
  • Present Science Panel Operating Principles; and
  • Set context for joint meeting with Steering Committee.
  • Agenda (564 KB)

Meeting Materials

Meeting Summary (673 KB)