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Underground Storage Tank Branch: Utah Division of Environmental Response
and Remediation

The Utah State Underground Storage Tank program is a regulatory branch of the Department of Environmental Quality. Its primary goal is to protect human health and the environment from leaking underground storage tanks (USTs). The UST staff oversees UST notification, installation, inspection, removal, and compliance with State and Federal UST regulations concerning release prevention and remediation. Get more details.

Tank Tip

January 2019 Tank Tip:

Utah PST Loan Fund

Are you interested in removing your old tanks and installing new tanks? The Utah PST Loan Fund limit was increased to $100,000 per tank with a maximum of $300,000 for all tanks in 2017. Loan fund conditions include:

  • Applicants must participate in the PST Fund to receive a loan,
  • Interest rate for new loans is 0%, and
  • Maximum repayment term is 10 years.

Loans are also available for repairs and upgrades. If you fail a test or inspection of your leak detection, overfill prevention or spill buckets, consider applying for a PST loan to cover the repair or replacement costs.

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Leaking Underground Storage Tank (LUST) Program

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