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General Approval Orders

In November 2013, the Air Quality Board unanimously approved a new rule that gave the Division of Air Quality (DAQ) the ability to issue a General Approval Order (GAO) for similar types of sources. A general permit provides certainty and consistency for sources and streamline the air quality permitting process.

The GAO is an alternative to the normal Approval Order (AO) and establishes conditions for:

  • similar new or modified sources within a source category; and,
  • specific types of equipment.

The general permit would need to meet all requirements under existing rules, including application of Best Achievable Control Technology (BACT) and a representative impact analysis. Once a GAO is adopted for a particular category, a new or modified source can apply to be covered under the permit if it meets the specified criteria. The rule requires review of the GAO at least once every three years to ensure periodic opportunities for public review and comment.

Previous General Approval Orders

The GAO for this source category is over three years old. Therefore, applications are no longer being accepted.

The Division has not yet compiled a list of source categories eligible for a GAO, but DAQ is currently focusing on GAOs for the oil and gas industry.

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