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Interactive Products: PM2.5 Interactive Data Explorer

The Technical Analysis Section of the Utah Division of Air Quality has prepared this interactive data analysis tool. It provides access to the most accurate and up-to-date emissions inventory currently used to develop the PM2.5SIP. Below you will find future year projected inventories for 2014 and 2019. These are point, area, mobile, and non-road emissions. The data available for download will always provide the date on which it was last edited by staff at UDAQ. The inventory data can be downloaded in a text format (comma-separated values) or in Microsoft Excel format.

It is our goal to facilitate stakeholder access to the large volumes of data used in the modeling analysis. The future-year projected inventories included in this data release contain some emissions controls on large industrial sources. They do not have new controls on either area sources or mobile sources. However, there is a large reduction in emissions from mobile sources that are the result of emission requirements for new and late-model cars. When we have a finalized emissions inventory for our basket of control strategies we will provide access to those inventories in this location. Notice of significant updates to these files will always be provided to the stakeholder groups.

There are two approaches to viewing and using the data:

We suggest that you begin by exploring the pre-selected charts for individual counties in the non-attainment areas. These charts begin with general, county-wide data and progress to a more detailed examination of their individual inventory components.

To undertake your own exploration of the data the entire table, which covers the SIP modeling domain, can be saved as either a text (CSV) or Microsoft Excel (XLSX) format. Data includes Area, Point, Mobile, and Non-road source categories. The data can be opened in your spreadsheet software after it is saved to your computer.

Emissions Inventory Used in the Community Multi-Scale Air Quality (CMAQ) Model

The following shows a selected subset of the data that can be downloaded via the links below.

Typical Winter Day Emissions—Tons per Day

Emissions data is available for:

  • 2014 Projected Baseline Data:
  • 2019 Projected Baseline Data:
  • 2019 Future-year Projected Attainment Inventory:

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