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Clean Fuels Program

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  • Clean Diesel Program
    DEQ established the Utah Clean Diesel Program to promote diesel emission reduction strategies.
  • Clean Fuel Vehicle Grant and Loan Program
    Provides financial assistance to businesses and government entities when converting a vehicle to operate on clean fuels, purchasing an OEM clean fuel vehicle, or retrofitting diesel vehicles.
  • Clean Fuel Vehicle Tax Credit
    Taxpayers may claim a non refundable credit on their individual income tax, corporate franchise tax, or fiduciary tax returns for the purchase or conversion of vehicles that use cleaner burning fuels.
  • Conversion to Alternative Fuel Grant Program
    The Conversion to Alternative Fuel Grant Program allows businesses that convert vehicles to run on natural gas, propane, or electricity to apply for a grant of up to $2,500 to offset the cost of installation.
  • Green Vehicle Guide
    Find information about a vehicles' environmental impact. Learn more about the types of vehicles available, fuel economy, and emissions ratings.
  • HB70 CNG Retrofits
    This bill, passed in 2010, addresses the retrofitting of vehicles to operate on compressed natural gas, and establishes safety and emission requirements for covered vehicles. The bill also prohibits a retrofit compressed natural gas vehicle from receiving a clean fuel vehicle tax credit.
  • Utah Natural Gas Heavy Duty Vehicle Tax Credit
    Qualified taxpayers may claim a non refundable tax credit for the purchase of a Category 7 0 8 natural gas vehicle. These tax credits are limited.