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Solid Waste Program

Administered by the Division of Waste Management and Radiation Control


The Solid Waste Program administers permitting and compliance programs for non-hazardous solid waste treatment, storage and disposal facilities throughout the State. Other areas of activity include technical, and public assistance.

Along with the local health departments throughout the State, the Solid Waste Program provides response to questions of improper disposal of solid waste and assists citizens in proper methods of disposal.

Technical Assistance

Staff members working in the Solid Waste Program can provide pre-application reviews of solid waste treatment, storage or disposal sites. They can also assist owners or operators in understanding the rules and requirements under the Utah solid waste program for siting, design, operation, monitoring, and closure of solid waste management facilities.

Public Assistance

Staff members can provide the public with information on the rules and practices for solid waste treatment, storage and disposal.  Information about solid waste facilities in Utah is available on this Website. If you need information on any non-hazardous solid waste facility or activity, please call the Division at (801) 536-0200 and ask for a member of the Solid Waste Section.


For more information, please contact Allan Moore (801) 536-0211.