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Great Salt Lake

This page provides links to environmental topics related to the Great Salt Lake.

  • Great Salt Lake Advisory Council
    The Great Salt Lake Advisory Council was created to advise on the sustainable use, protection, and development of the Great Salt Lake.

  • Great Salt Lake Water Quality
    A comprehensive approach for protecting the water quality of the Great Salt Lake and its surrounding wetlands.

  • Great Salt Lake Water Quality Steering Committee
    Working with a stakeholders, DWQ is working to establish numeric standards for the GSL.

  • Great Salt Lake Wetlands
    A partnership to assess the health and protect wetlands of the Great Salt Lake.

  • Selenium Program
    DWQ protects the water quality of Great Salt Lake by monitoring selenium concentrations.

  • Union Pacific Railroad Causeway
    The Division of Water Quality is responsible for certifying that federal permits issued by the Corps of Engineers meet state water quality standards and comply with Section 401 of the Clean Water Act.

  • Willard Bay
    A diesel fuel leak from a petroleum pipeline near Willard Bay State Park raised concerns about possible contamination of bay wetlands critical for migratory birds.

  • Willard Spur
    The goal of the Willard Spur Water Quality Study is to determine appropriate and defensible modifications to Utah's water quality standards to ensure long-term protection of Willard Spur's aquatic life uses.


Willard Spur

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