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Section 1: Radiation Programs
Part 2: Radiation-Emitting Equipment Registration
Utah DEQ Permit Wizard

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If your facility has radiation generating equipment—such as X-ray machines and particle accelerators—you need to register your equipment. See R313-16 “General Requirements Applicable to the Installation, Registration, Inspection, and Use of Radiation Machines,” R313-28 “Use of X-ray in the Healing Arts,” R313-30 “Therapeutic Radiation Machines,” and R313-35 “Requirements for X-ray Equipment Used for Non-Medical Applications.” If this does not apply to you, then go to Part 3: Generator Site Access Permits.

1 Does your facility wish to register radiation-generating equipment at a new or existing facility, or are you changing the address on a registration certificate?

2 Does your facility wish to add to, or remove radiation-generating equipment from, an existing registration certificate?

3 Does your facility wish to make payment for an annual registration or inspection fee?

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