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Section 1: Radiation Programs
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The Utah Division of Waste Management and Radiation Control (DWMRC) regulates the use of radiation-generating equipment (like X-ray machines), and the use and disposal of radioactive material. Owners of radiation-generating equipment must register their machines with DWMRC. Individuals possessing or using radioactive material or devices containing radioactive material must be issued a Specific License from DWMRC, or they must receive radioactive material under a General License.

The DWMRC issues Generator Site Access Permits to individuals wanting to dispose of radioactive waste at the EnergySolutions low-level radioactive waste facility in Clive, Utah. DWMRC also licenses low-level radioactive waste disposal facilities and uranium mill sites. For licensing questions involving low-level waste disposal facilities or uranium mill sites contact DWMRC directly at (801) 536-4250.

DWMRC’s X-ray Program certifies individuals as Qualified Experts (individuals approved to perform inspections or radiation-generating equipment), Mammography Imaging Medical Physicists, and Certified Installers (of radiation-generating equipment).

1 Do you work with radiation or x-ray generating equipment, radioactive material, devices containing radioactive material, exit signs, radon, or do you want to dispose of radioactive waste in Utah?

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