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Section 3: Water Programs
Part 1: Public Drinking Water Systems
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The Division of Drinking Water’s mission is to cooperatively work with drinking water professionals and the public to ensure a safe and reliable supply of drinking water. A “public drinking water system” is legally defined as any drinking water system (publicly or privately owned) which serves 15 or more connections, or 25 or more people at least 60 days out of the year. Examples of public drinking water systems include a political subdivision providing drinking water to a large community; a business providing drinking water to their employees; or it can be as small as a campground site where campers drink from a water fountain. Public drinking water systems are regulated by the Utah Safe Drinking Water Act (Title 19, Chapter 4, of the Utah Code) and governed by Title R309.

1 Does your business have or will have 15 or more drinking water connections?

    • YES: You meet the criteria to be a public drinking water system, and an operating permit is or will be required. Go to the Public Drinking Water Suppliers Web page; then go to the next question.
    • NO: Go to the next question.

2 Does or will your business or entity serve drinking water to 25 or more people, or have 8 drinking water connections, and be available for more than 60 days per year?

3 Does your public drinking water system plan to construct a new public drinking water system?

4 Do you plan to construct or make changes to an existing public drinking water system?

5 Do you need to drill a well or develop a new source of drinking water?

6 Will you transport drinking water in a water tank truck to serve a drinking water system?

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