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Section 3: Water Programs
Part 6: Storm Water Permits
Utah DEQ Permit Wizard

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The Storm Water Program requires management practices to ensure that pollutants are not transported in surface runoff. The program addresses runoff from construction activities that disturb one or more acres of land; certain industrial facilities depending upon the facility’s Standard Industrial Classification (SIC) code; and, small Municipal Separate Storm Sewer Systems (MS4s). Each of these sources requires coverage under a UPDES General Permit.

1 Are you clearing, grading, and/or excavating in such a way that one or more acres of total land area will be disturbed (even if part of a larger common plan of development)?

2 Does your facility belong to an industry with a Standard Industrial Classification (SIC) Code?

If an industry is not listed on the table of Standard Industrial Classification (SIC) Codes the Director of the Utah Water Quality Board may designate that the facility requires permitting based on potential water quality impacts.

3 Is your facility a small municipal separate storm sewer system, such as a city, county, state university, or state hospital?

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