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Section 3: Water Programs
Utah DEQ Permit Wizard

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If your facility, business, or water system provides water or needs access to a water supply, the Division of Drinking Water rules may apply. See Utah Safe Drinking Water Act (Title 19, Chapter 4 of the Utah Code) or R309-100-4 (General Rules).

If your facility produces, treats, disposes of, or otherwise discharges waste water, you may need a permit from the Utah Division of Water Quality or the Division of Drinking Water. See Rule R317-8. Utah Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (UPDES) for more details.

1 Does your facility use or will it use water not connected to a municipal drinking water system?

2 Does your facility or system produce, treat, dispose of, or otherwise discharge waste water?

For related information on water quality or drinking water, visit our Related Topics page.

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