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Section 4: Petroleum Storage Tank Programs
Part 6: Requirements for Installing New Underground Storage Tanks
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To meet the Operator Training requirement of the Energy Policy Act of 2005, each UST facility shall have UST facility operators that are trained and registered with DERR/UST. Each facility shall have three classes of operators: A, B, and C.

  • When installing a new tank there is a requirement to notify the Utah Division of Environmental Response and Remediation ten days prior to beginning the work.
  • The tanks should be registered at the completion of the installation.
  • For additional information on these programs visit the Installing Underground Storage Tanks page.

1 Does your facility store, or are you planning to store, petroleum products in an underground storage tank?

2 Will you be installing an underground storage tank at your facility?

3 Do you or your company wish to register an existing underground storage tank?

4 Do you wish to make an online payment for your annual underground storage tank fees?

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For related information on underground storage tanks, visit our Related Topics page.

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