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Single-Point Review Process: Energy Development

On March 14, 2001, former Utah Governor Michael Leavitt issued an Energy Policy for the State of Utah and established a Single Point Review Process within the Utah Department of Environmental Quality. The purpose of the Single-Point Review Process is to fast-track regulatory processes, not shortchange environmental requirements.

The Single-Point Review Process will not replace existing regulatory requirements but will seek ways to accelerate actions within current legal and organizational frameworks.

Enhanced interagency communication, permit tracking, and robust public participation are the cornerstones of the process.

For more information on the Single-Point Review Process Proposal, please contact DEQ at (801) 536-4000.

Energy Project Pre-Design Meetings

Businesses may use our pre-design program to obtain permits quickly and efficiently. Begin by contacting DEQ and briefly explain your production process. A meeting will then be arranged with the appropriate Division representatives to introduce the permit process, explain which permits are required, and detail pollution prevention techniques. Please allow at least two weeks notice.


Current Projects

  • RDCC Tracking

Public Involvement


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