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Utah Energy Policy Proposal: Energy Development

Objectives Listed in Utah Energy Policy

Coordinate reviews across departments and with federal agencies to fast track regulatory response and Streamline state regulatory processes and encourage expedited federal action.

Assumptions about Objectives

  1. The Single Point review Process will not replace existing regulatory requirements but will seek a
    way to accelerate actions within current legal and organizational frameworks.
  2. Enhanced inter-agency communication (designated contacts with face-to-face opportunities), cross-agency project tracking (Internet accessible),and development of public information network and materials (e-Utah website coordination) are the primary mechanisms for initial enhanced coordination. Once enhanced coordination is established streamlining regulatory processes will be vigorously pursued.
  3. DEQ’s “Pre-Design” meetings for energy development proposals will be expanded to include all appropriate state, federal and local agencies.
  4. DEQ will lead the development of a single point review process with the guidance and oversight of the Utah Energy Council.

First Steps

  1. Identify all other State, federal, and local agencies with regulatory role in energy development projects.
  2. Obtain contact from each agency for single point review process.
    • DRN send letter to agency heads.
    • LAL follow up with phone contacts.
    • DRN also coordinate/report to Utah Energy Council and Governor’s Cabinet, as appropriate.
  3. Conduct facilitated meeting of state agency contacts to generate ideas on how to enhance coordination and familiarize contacts with each other and their regulatory roles. Introduce streamlining objective—but have separate facilitated discussion on this topic once enhanced coordination process is established. Ask group to develop list of Next Steps.
  4. Meet with Federal Leadership Forum to discuss Governor’s energy policy, proposed single point review process, and how best to coordinate with federal agencies on energy development projects.
  5. Meet with key public stakeholders (environmental groups and energy advocates) to inform them of single point review process proposal and to get their early input on issues of concern, who else needs to be involved and public information needs.
  6. Coordinate e-Utah Website development and Internet accessible tracking system.

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