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NRC Draft Proposed Rule Document Re: 10 CFR Part 20 and 61

(Posted: 03/31/15)

The draft proposed rule document, regarding 10 CFR Part 61 has been published in the Federal Register March 23, 2015—and is available in the NRC’s Agency-wide Documents Access Management System (ADAMS), using Accession Number ML14289A152.


NRC is proposing to amend its regulations that govern low-level radioactive waste disposal facilities to require new and revised site-specific technical analyses, to permit the development of site-specific criteria for low-level radioactive waste acceptance based on the results of these analyses, to facilitate implementation, and to better align the requirements with current health and safety standards. The proposed rule would affect low-level radioactive waste disposal licensees or license applicants that are regulated by the NRC or the Agreement States.

Major Provisions

Major provisions of the proposed rule include changes to:

  • revise the existing technical analysis for protection of the general population to include a 1,000-year compliance period;
  • add a new site-specific technical analysis for the protection of inadvertent intruders that would include a 1,000-year compliance period and a dose limit;
  • add new analyses that would include a 10,000-year protective assurance period and annual dose minimization target;
  • add a new analysis for certain long-lived low-level radioactive waste that would include a post-10,000-year performance period;
  • add new analyses that would identify and describe the features of the design and site characteristics that provide defense-in-depth protections;
  • add a new requirement to update the technical analyses at closure; and,
  • add a new requirement to develop site-specific criteria for the future acceptance of low-level radioactive waste for disposal based on either the results of these technical analyses or the existing low-level radioactive waste classification requirements.


According to NRC, the proposed amendments proposed would ensure that low-level radioactive waste streams that are significantly different from those considered during the development of the current regulations (i.e., depleted uranium and other unanalyzed waste streams) can be disposed of safely and meet the performance objectives for land disposal of low-level radioactive waste. NRC believes that the proposed amendments would also increase the use of site-specific information to ensure performance objectives are met that are designed to provide protection of public health and safety.

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