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2007 Environmental Benefits Realized: Reports: Clean Utah


  • Recycled 4,988.7 tons of material
  • Reduced total energy usage by 7,583.23 MMBTU
  • Saved 648,000 gallons of water
  • Saved 6,448,957 cf of natural gas
  • Reduced trips and prevented the following from entering the environment:

    • 202 tons of hydrocarbons
    • 1505 tons of carbon monoxide
    • 100 tons of nitrogen
    • 29,957 tons of carbon dioxide

Autoliv Ogden Technical Center Goals

Replace metal halide lights in the warehouse section of the facility with energy-saving fluorescent lighting.


Year KwH Used
2006 6,586,476
2007 6,538,731

Remove the existing lawn from a specific area and replace it with native/xeric landscaping to conserve water.

Lawn was removed from an area of approximately 1,625 sq ft. The watering system was changed and then the area was re-landscaped. As the plants become established, little or no supplemental water will be needed.

For more details, see:

Firestone Building Products Goals

Reduce use of hazardous chemicals used in manufacturing process.

While production increased by 15.5% over the previous year, consumption of hazardous chemicals increased by only 5.5%. This was accomplished through improved process controls and continuing training of equipment operators.

Reduce amount of dust generated per unit of production.

The facility continues to alternative disposal options for the dust brick generated during the manufacturing process. (The bricks are currently landfilled.) A possible source had been found as of the filing of this report and, if test results are positive, recycling will begin.

Additional Accomplishment Reported
Implemented a comprehensive recycling program and was able to recycle 36.7 tons of cardboard, wooden pallets, scrap metal and packaging products.

For more details, see:

Hexcel Goals

Reduce plant wide steam consumptions

Saved 648,000 gallons of water and 6,448,957 cf of natural gas.

Implement “use-as-is” methylene chlorine recycling.


Actual 2006 Actual 2007
147,000 lbs 118,785 lbs

The chemical was reused and not sent for incineration, as had previously been done. The environment benefited and company saved on disposal and other costs.

Continue plant-wide recycling program.


Recycled 2006 Recycled 2007
3.85 million lbs 5 million lbs

For more details, see:

La-Z-Boy Goals

Reduce solid waste going to the local landfill, measured in pounds per equivalent piece of furniture produced.


Measurement (in tons)

Year Weight to Landfill Recycled Weight Total Weight Percent Weight Recycled
2007 334 2,452 2,787 88%
2006 560 2,471 3,031 81.5%
2005 613 2,435 3,048 79.9%
2004 787 2,455 3,242 75.7%

Enhance facility’s energy efficiency and, subsequently, reduce air emissions.

Total energy use for the plan was reduced by 6,054 MMBTU or 12.6% when compared to the previous year.

Year Gas Used
Electric Use
Electric Use
Total Energy Use
2007 15,002 7,898,400 26,957 41,959
2006 15,521 9,520,200 32,492 48,013
2005 18,043 9,480,600 32,357 50,400
2004 22,071 9,363,600 31,958 54,029

For more details, see: La-Z-Boy 2007 Annual Report.

Utah Transit Authority Goals

Expand the vanpool program by seven to 15%.


Baseline Measure (2006) Actual (2007)
405 vans 471 vans

It is estimated that the increase displaced an additional 594 single passenger vehicles by the end of 2007.  In addition, an estimated 65,408,321 single passenger miles were not taken in 2007.  Based on EPA’s average annual emissions and fuel consumption for passenger cars and the single passenger miles not taken, the following table lists the total annual pollution not emitted and fuel not consumed:

Component Emission Rate
and Fuel Consumption
Total Annual Pollution Not Emitted
and Fuel Not Consumed
Hydrocarbons 2.80 grams/mile 202 tons
Carbon Monoxide 20.9 grams/mile 1505 tons
Oxides of Nitrogen 1.39 grams/mile 100 tons
Carbon Dioxide 0.916 lbs/mile 29,957 tons
Gasoline 0/0456 gal/mile 2,982,619 gallons

Implement energy savings program and reduce electrical usage along the North-South TRAX Park ‘n’ Ride lots by five percent.


Measurement Pre Program Energy Use
(Mar-Nov, 2006)
(Mar-Nov 2007)
Kilowatt-hour 925,071 819,848

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