2009 Environmental Benefits Realized: Reports: Clean Utah


  • Reduced 2,306 metric tons of CO2 (from electrical saving calculations using 1.193 lbs CO2 per KWh)
  • Reduced total electrical usage by 3,372,560 KWh
  • Reduced natural gas use by 12,009 dth
  • Saved 8,600,381 gallons of water
  • Hexcel reduced 258,797 pounds of hazardous chemicals over previous year when corrected for increased production
  • Recycled 33 tons of material
  • Prevented the following emissions from entering the environment

    • 32 metric tons of NOx
    • 1,699 lbs PM emissions
    • 2,344 lbs SO2 emissions
    • 179 lbs VOC emissions

Autoliv Ogden Technical Center Goals

Circle Four Farms

Firestone Building Products Goals

Hexcel Goals

Utah Transit Authority Goals


Implement energy savings program and reduce electrical usage along the North-South TRAX Park ‘n’ Ride lots by five percent.


MeasurmentPre Program Energy Use
(Mar-Nov, 2006)
(Mar-Nov, 2007)

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