2012 Environmental Benefits Realized: Reports: Clean Utah

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  • 705 metric tons of CO2 reduced (from electrical saving calculations using 1.193 lbs CO2 per KWh).
  • 53 tons of NOx reduced.
  • Reduced 830,664 pounds of hazardous chemicals (normalized for production increase) used in production and reduced the generation of hazardous waste by over 5 million pounds.
  • 11.6 million gallons water usage reduced.
  • 1.3 million kWh reduced electricity use.
  • 2510 metric tons of solid waste reduced through recycling. One partner, Hexcel, recycled 5,338,304 lbs. or 2427 metric tons of material. Hexcel’s calculations based on the EPA “WARM” software indicated recycling 5,338,304 lbs. is equivalent to the following:

    • GHG (MTCO2E) of 10,664 tons
    • Removing annual emissions of 1,953 passenger cars.
    • Conserving 1,210,449 gallons gasoline
    • Conserving 4,443,361 cylinders of propane used for home barbecues
    • Conserving 56 railway cars of coal.
  • Reported economic savings of over $686,618 dollars.
  • Partners reported an Economic Benefit of $686,618 from programs implemented through Clean Utah.

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