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The Company

Autoliv North America, Ogden Technical Center (OTC) is one of the initial applicants to the Clean Utah Program.

Autoliv is the world’s largest automotive safety supplier with sales to all the leading car manufacturers in the world. The company develops, markets, and manufactures airbags, seat belts, safety electronics, steering wheels, anti-whiplash systems, seat components and child seats. One of six facilities in Utah, the OTC employs approximately 400. Its main functions are design, applications, environmental and textile engineering, research and development, program management, cushion prototype development, and testing.

The Process

To be accepted as a Clean Utah Partner, the facility had to first pass a compliance screen to ensure that environmental regulations were consistently being met. DEQ, EPA, and the Local Health Department each confirmed that is the case.

DEQ verified the facility has an effective Environmental Management System (EMS). DEQ staff and a multi-interest review panel reviewed the proposed projects and recommended the company be admitted. DEQ Executive Director Dianne Nielson sent a letter dated February 17, 2005 welcoming Autoliv as the one of the two first Clean Utah Partners.

EMS Background

Autoliv OTC has been ISO 14001 certified since their original certificate was issued by NSF in 1998. External audits are conducted every three years. The current certificate was issued in 2003 by Smithers Quality Assessments, Inc. and expires in 2006. Internal audits are performed by the Autoliv Quality Department every six months. EMS verified by DEQ in January 2005.

Environmental Improvement Project #1

Goal: Reduce energy usage.

Approach: Invite Rocky Mountain Power to conduct an energy audit that the facility. Based on the results of that audit, Autoliv will implement energy savings programs to reduce the amount of energy consumed at the facility.

Impact: Specific benefits will be determined by the energy programs selected. In general, energy efficiency has an indirect benefit to air quality.

Public Participation: Information on this project is available on the Autoliv Website.

Future Commitments: Results of the audit will be shared with all of the Autoliv facilities in North America in order to communicate the beneficial information.

Environmental Improvement Project #2

Goal: Reduce water usage by installing xeri-scape.

Approach: The facility will remove a section of lawn and begin planting native trees, shrubs and flowers that are low water use.

Impact: The company hopes that the project will ultimately reduce the quantity of water used for landscape, once the plants are established. Also, employees will be able to get ideas about how to use low water plants and landscaping at their homes.

Public Participation: Information is also available on the Autoliv Website. See also the Autoliv Xeri-scaping Project page.

Past Clean Utah Goals and Accomplishments