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Autoliv Projects

Autoliv Lighting Project

Autoliv conducted an energy audit and determined to replace the section of existing metal halide lights in the warehouse areas. The old lights were replaced with T-5 fluorescent lighting. The result was that 47,745 less kilowatt hours were used when compared to the previous year.

Autoliv Recycling Project

The Ogden Technical Center has a research and development center and service parts center for designing, cutting, and sewing nylon airbags (cushions) for various airbag models. As a result of this work, scrap cushions and cushion fabric have historically been discarded as solid waste into the landfill.

Prior to recycling, approximately 4,400 pounds per month of nylon and silicon coated fabric were disposed of in the landfill. In 2005, 54,600 pounds were diverted from the landfill. The fabric is now being collected and managed by Pro Baler Services/Interwest Paper in Murray and then shipped to China where it is used for textiles.

The reduction of solid waste going to the landfill has meant that $900 in disposal fees has been eliminated and $12,300 was received from the vendor for the fabric.

Autoliv Van Conversion Project

Autoliv uses two shuttle vans to move its employees and visitors between the Ogden Technical Center and the Module facilities. Each van drives continuously between the two facilities during business hours, five days a week, making an average of 170 round trips per day, driving an average distance of 98 miles per day.

One van was converted to natural gas in 2005. It used 29,130 gallons of natural gas that year – resulting in reduced operational costs for the company and a reduction in carbon dioxide, nitrogen oxide, and other emissions going to the air.

Autoliv Xeri-scaping Project

The majority of landscaping around the Autoliv OTC facility is lush, green lawn. Since Utah is the second-most arid state in the nation, the company’s water loving lawns did not reflect to employees and customers Autoliv’s commitment to conservation. While the lawn has its place, Autoliv saw an opportunity to create a better suited landscape by planting native and low-water using trees and plants.

Autoliv began by removing the lawn from an area approximately 1,625 square feet. The existing watering system was changed and set to its own timing station so watering could be controlled. Soil and landscape boulders were brought in and selected low water using trees, shrubs, and perennials were planted. A groundcover of river rock was then laid down.

Based on how the plants weather the winter, additional perennials may be planted.