Benefits: Clean Utah

Clean Utah rewards companies that exceed minimum regulatory requirements and take extra steps to reduce and prevent pollution. Businesses that participate in this program are going beyond compliance to better protect public health and the environment. Companies that demonstrate true leadership and are models of a higher level of environmental achievement are eligible for recognition as well as other incentives. Clean Utah is intended for top-performing facilities with a demonstrated commitment to continuous improvement and a proven record of regulatory compliance as well as an operational Environmental Management System.

Ongoing Projects

Air Emissions

  • Autoliv
    Participate in the Blue Sky Power program to lessen the carbon footprint of the OTC facility.
  • Firestone Building Products
    Reduce the amount of dust generated per unit of production by implementing process improvements.
  • Utah Transit Authority
    Reduce air pollution from vehicle emissions by expanding the vanpool program.
    Reduce NOx emissions by scheduling more efficient buses on longer routes.


  • Autoliv
    Reduce the amount of waste going to the landfill by recycling cushion fabrics.
  • Circle Four Farms
    Investigate and trial a recycling system that would allow turning off the recycling pumps at night during the winter without freezing the lines.
  • Hexcel
    Increase plant-wide recycling to six million pounds annually.

Reduction of Hazardous Waste

  • Firestone Building Products
    Reduce the use of hazardous chemicals in the production process through technology changes, employee training, and optimization of formula.

Reduction of Non-hazardous Waste

  • Firestone Building Products
    Reduce the amount of dust bricks disposed of at the landfill by reducing the amount of dust generated per unit of production and by finding an alternative use for the bricks.

Energy Efficiency

  • Autoliv
    Replace metal halide lights in the warehouse section of the facility with energy-saving fluorescent lighting.
  • Circle Four Farms
    Lease unused property for a windmill development. The proposed 50-70 windmills would generate 150 megawatts of power.
  • Utah Transit Authority
    Decrease energy usage by installing digital energy monitors, improving lighting systems, conducting energy audits, and targeting a five percent reduction in electrical usage along North-South TRAX Park and Ride lots.

Water Conservation

  • Autoliv
    Remove a section of lawn and plant native trees, shrubs, and flowers that are low (xeri) water use. This will reduce the quantity of water used and employees will get ideas for how to use low water plants and landscaping in their own home landscaping.

Participant Incentives

Incentives for Tier Two and Three will be negotiated, based on site-specific conditions and the ability of the DEQ program to provide them. The Clean Utah application includes a space for the applicant to indicate the incentives of interest.

Incentives may include:

  • selected permit enhancements;
  • facility-specific incentives;
  • links on the Clean Utah Website;
  • participation in the annual Clean Utah members meeting;
  • recognition plaques presented to Partners;
  • access, for Members, to a coach that serves as a single point of contact;
  • free assistance with EMS development;
  • access to training; and,
  • networking opportunities.

Eligibility will be determined as part of the application review process.

The Clean Utah logo may be used by participants in Tiers Two and Three. Participation in these Tiers may also be considered by DEQ Boards under the compliance history and good faith components of civil penalty applications.

In the case of a multi-site company, the incentives—including logos and other designations—may only be used for those facilities that have formally been admitted into Clean Utah.

Success Stories