Circle Four Farms: Members: Clean Utah

Currently Smithfield Hog Production.

Partner Level


The Company

The Circle Four Farms raises and markets 1.2 million hogs per year at its Milford Location.  It is part of Murphy-Brown LLC, the livestock production subsidiary of Smithfield Food, the largest producer of pork in the world.  Circle Four employs approximately 425 people.

The Process

To be accepted as a Clean Utah Partner, the facility had to first pass a compliance screen to ensure that environmental regulations were consistently being met. DEQ, EPA, and the Local Health Department each confirmed that is the case.

DEQ verified the facility has an effective Environmental Management System (EMS). DEQ staff and a multi-interest review panel reviewed the proposed projects and recommended the company be admitted.

EMS Background

Circle Four is currently ISO 14001 certified by SGS and is regularly audited to ensure standards are met. In addition, the company conducts annual evaluations of all its facilities.

Environmental Improvement Project #1

Goal: Investigate and trial a recycle system in Utah that would enable Circle Four to turn off the recycle pump at night during the winter without freezing the lines.

Approach:  The plan is to put the entire recycling pumps in a heated building with the pipes that enter and leave the lagoons under the surface of the water and leave the building under ground, thus preventing the freezing of the lines.

Significance:  The number one cause of spills is the recycle system being left on when no one is present at the farm.  The discharge pipes then clog and the pits fill up and spill out the doors in the barn.

Environmental Benefit:  Reduction of spills coming from the hog building

Monitoring:  Success will be determined by a reduction in the number of spills.

Environmental Improvement Project #2

Goal:  Lease property for a windmill development.  Power will enter the IPP grid.

Significance:  Land is currently not being used for hog production. The proposal is for 50-70 windmills on the property.  This would generate 150 megawatts.

Environmental Benefit:  Wind Energy is a renewable source.  Current sources of energy in the area are coal-fired plants.

Monitoring:   Circle Four will review the progress through actual construction.