Clean Utah

Clean Utah is a voluntary program that encourages and rewards Utah businesses and other permit holders for going beyond compliance to preserve and protect Utah’s environment. Clean Utah supports the goal of environmental excellence through the integration of continuous improvement into business management and operations typically in the form of a prevention-based Environmental Management System (EMS). Any Utah business, large or small, may participate in one of two tracks, either Silver (EMS required) or Bronze (EMS not required).

In the Spotlight

Clean Utah Partner’s had an extremely successful year in 2014. Annual reports from the nine Partner Level Members documented savings of over $1.6 million from projects implemented under the Clean Utah Program. Partners were again successful in conserving significant amounts of water and electricity as well as reducing hazardous waste and the consumption of hazardous chemicals used in production. One program of note is a reclaim system for copper and nickel that IM Flash Technologies installed on a waste water stream. More than 300 pounds of metals were reclaimed the first year eliminating 22,700 pounds of hazardous waste with an associated savings of $284,000. Another Partner, Hexcel Corporation, reported that through energy conservation projects they saved over three million KWH of electricity with an associated cost saving of $359,415. Doing the right thing for the environment has never been more profitable.