Firestone Building Products: Members: Clean Utah

Partner Level


The Company

The Firestone Building Products plant in Salt Lake City manufactures polyisocynaurate rigid form insulation used in roofing construction. Part of a well-known international chain, Bridgestone Firestone Diversified Products, the plant employs about 50 people.

The Process

To be accepted as a Clean Utah Partner, the facility had to first pass a compliance screen to ensure that environmental regulations were consistently being met. DEQ, EPA, and the Local Health Department each confirmed that is the case.

DEQ verified the facility has an effective Environmental Management System (EMS). DEQ staff and a multi-interest review panel reviewed the proposed projects and recommended the company be admitted. DEQ Director Dianne Nielson sent a letter (dated December 20, 2006 welcoming Firestone to the Partner level of Clean Utah.

EMS Background

Firestone Building Products is currently ISO 14001, certified by British Standards Institute, and is regularly audited to ensure standards are met.

Environmental Improvement Project #1

Goal: Reduce, by 15%, the annual volume of dust bricks being disposed of in the landfill.

Timeline: Through 2008. Use 2005 as the base year.

Significance: Firestone currently disposes of 118.32 tons of dust brick in the local landfill. The plan calls for reducing that number to 100.25 tons by 2008 and recycling or reusing 12.15 tons.

Approach: Implement process improvements to reduce the amount of dust generated per unit of production. Also, research alternative uses for the dust bricks

Monitoring: Measurement will be reflected in board feet of production and in tons being sent to the landfill.

Environmental Improvement Project #2

Goal: Reduce use of process chemicals by five percent.

Timeline: Through 2008. Use 2005 as a baseline.

Significance: Firestone currently uses 16.6 million pounds of chemicals in its production process. The plant intends to reduce this number to 15.7 million pounds.

Approach: Optimize the formula, and implement technology changes and employee training.

Monitoring: Measurement will be reflected in reflected in board feet of production and in pounds of chemicals used.

Past Clean Utah Goals and Accomplishments