IM Flash Technologies: Members: Clean Utah

Partner Level


The Company

IM Flash Technologies is a joint venture of Micron Technology and Intel, formed to manufacture NAND Flash memory for use in consumer electronics, removable storage, and handheld communication devices. IM Flash combines Micron’s leadership in process and product technology with Intel’s multi-level cell technology and history of innovation in Flash memory to successfully compete in the NAND Flash memory business, an increasingly important and fast growing market segment. IM Flash Technologies employs 1700.

IM Flash Technologies, LLC, is located at 1550 East 3400 North in Lehi, Utah.

The Process

IM Flash Technologies was admitted into Clean Utah’s Entry Level in January, 2010. To be accepted as a Clean Utah Partner, IM Flash Technologies had to first pass a compliance screen to ensure that environmental regulations were consistently being met. DEQ, EPA, and the Local Health Department in Utah County each confirmed that is the case.

DEQ verified the facility has an effective Environmental Management System (EMS). DEQ staff and a multi-interest review panel reviewed the proposed projects and recommended the company be admitted. DEQ Director Amanda Smith sent a letter dated March 7, 2011, advancing IM Flash Technologies to the Partner Level.

EMS Background

IM Flash Technologies is ISO 14001 certified and obtained a third party auditing by KEMA. Regular internal audits are performed. The EMS was verified by DEQ in December 2010.

Environmental Improvement Project #1

Goal: Goal: Hazardous Waste Reduction-Decrease hazardous waste generation by 20% over 2 years.

Approach: The goal of hazardous waste reduction will be accomplished by installing a more efficient waste collection system for arsenic waste; segregating hazardous from non-hazardous treatment resins; and identifying outlets for waste products that may still be beneficially used as a product.

Impact: This positively impacts the State by reducing the amount of waste generated, transported, treated, and disposed of within the State.

Public Participation: This goal and the results will be published on IMFTs publicly available Website.

Future Commitments: N/A

Environmental Improvement Project #2

Goal: Goal: Decrease the amount of office paper used on site by 25% from 2010 levels.

Approach: The goal of paper reduction will be accomplished by setting office printers’ default to double sided printing: educating employees about paper reduction and encouraging using digital media; and identifying other paper reduction or recycled paper opportunities to implement if feasible.

Impact: This will reduce IMFT’s overall solid waste and therefore the waste sent to in-state landfills.

Public Participation: Public Participation: This goal and the results will be published on IMFTs publicly available Website.

Future Commitments: N/A

Past Clean Utah Goals and Accomplishments