Policy: Clean Utah

The Policy section summarizes information on aspects of the program including eligibility criteria, application process, required projects, reporting requirements, and member incentives. Clean Utah requires the participant to maintain compliance with federal, State, and local environmental regulations and demonstrate significant progress toward environmental improvement goals.

Participants are also required to develop and implement an Environmental Management System (EMS) to be considered for Tier Two and Tier Three. Tier Two and Tier Three participants are required to submit an annual report documenting their progress on their two approved projects. Once a project is logically completed, a new project must be proposed and approved.

  • DEQ Clean Utah Policy (60 KB)
    Guidance for implementation of the Voluntary Clean Utah Program.
  • Environmental Laws and Rules: Utah
    List of State and federal environmental laws that must be complied with to qualify for the Clean Utah Program.
  • EPA Agreement (677 KB)
    Memorandum of Agreement between the Utah Department of Environmental Quality and EPA, establishing the Clean Utah Program.