Utah Transit Authority Projects: Members: Clean Utah

UTA Energy Efficiency Project

UTA operates a 15 mile light rail line which runs through the communities of Sandy, Midvale, Murray, South Salt Lake, and Salt Lake City. Its plan to implement an energy savings program at the 16 park and ride lots resulted in 70 less tons being emitted to the environment and a savings of $8,417 in energy bills from the previous year.

UTA was able to do this by first conducting energy audits and then using that information to improve its lighting systems. The savings is reflected in the following table:

MeasurementPre Program Energy Use
(Mar-Nov 2006)
(Mar-Nov 2007)

UTA Vanpool Project

UTA was able to achieve a 16.3% increase in the number of vans in its vanpool program by the end of 2007. An additional 66 new vanpools were added, bring the total to 471.

The UTA vanpool program averages 9.8 persons per vanpool. The number of “Single Passenger Vehicles is reduced by 9 for each vanpool. It is estimated that the increase displaced an additional 594 single passenger vehicles by the end of 2007. The number of single passenger trips not taken totaled 1,659,351

In addition, an estimated 65,408,321 single passenger miles were not taken in 2007. Based on EPA’s average annual emissions and fuel consumption for passenger cars and the single passenger miles not taken, the following table lists the total annual pollution not emitted and fuel not consumed:

ComponentEmission Rate and Fuel ConsumptionTotal Annual Pollution
Not Emitted and Fuel Not Consumed
Hydrocarbons2.80 grams/mile202 tons
Carbon Monoxide20.9 grams/mile1505 tons
Oxides of Nitrogen1.39 grams/mile100 tons
Carbon Dioxide0.916 lbs/mile29,957 tons
Gasoline0/0456 gal/mile2,982,619 gallons