Tag: Continuous Improvement

DEQ 2017: The Environmental Year in Review

By Alan Matheson I’m convinced people can only be truly happy when they are progressing, reaching new heights in performance and character. Growth and improvement build confidence, increase capacity to meaningfully contribute, and give life purpose. Progress is inherently rewarding. The same principle applies to organizations. In a time of rapid change, only those organizations …

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DEQ: We Are Guided by Our Values in Everything We Do

By Alan Matheson Successful organizations operate upon bedrock values that define who they are and guide their decisions and actions. These values are aspirational, inspiring high standards and best efforts. They provide clarity by aligning all in the organization toward common objectives. They help members of an organization make consistent and principled decisions. Core values …

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SUCCESS Framework: DEQ Committed to Continuous Improvement

By Renette Anderson and Scott Baird The scientists and engineers at DEQ are data-driven and naturally curious. They measure air, surface and ground waters, and land impact from pollutants. Ask any one of them about his or her work, and each can quote statistics in orders of magnitude or parts per billion, whichever applies. It’s …

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