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Rethink Your Relationship With Cars

Take the Clear the Air Challenge By Jared Mendenhall In 1888, a housewife changed the course of human history. Bertha’s husband Karl, an engineer, had fallen into a deep depression because his latest invention failed to live up to its promise. Early one morning, Bertha stole away with his creation to prove to the family …

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Refreshed Air Quality App Ready For Release

By Jared Mendenhall In December 2017, when the Wasatch Front choked on a ten-day-long inversion that clogged the valleys with PM2.5 pollution, more than 50,000 Utah residents stayed on top of air-quality conditions by using the Utah Department of Environmental Quality’s (DEQ) mobile app: UtahAir. UtahAir delivers hourly air-quality data for two pollutants, PM2.5 and …

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Partnership Ensures Clean Air, Land and Water in the Uinta Basin

By Jared Mendenhall Resourcefulness is as much a part of the frontier ethos as individualism. Coming up with ingenious solutions to life’s problems — on the cheap — is an essential skill in the rural expanses of the American West. Jordan Mathis, health officer and executive director of TriCounty Health Department, understands this. In fact, …

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