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Water Quality: DEQ Helps Animal Feeding Operations Improve Waste Management

By Don Hall Utah has about 2,000 animal production facilities known as animal feeding operations (AFOs). These are farms such as dairies and feedlots where animals are confined (not in pastures or on rangeland) and fed. Larger AFOs are known as concentrated animal feeding operations (CAFOS). These are operations that meet a confinement threshold number …

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Couple Share Commitment for Environment

By Donna Spangler Wintertime means lots of fine particulates in the air, the oh-so-dreaded inversions. But it’s also February, and that means something else is in the air – love. Just ask Deborah McMurtrie, part of the Division of Air Quality’s Technical Analysis section, where her group collects and manages emissions information in a database …

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Carpool: Save Money – Build Friendships

By Therron Blatter Many years ago, I would ride the Redwood Road bus to and from work. At that time in my life, my decision to take the bus was based on economics and the fact that we only had one vehicle. This arrangement actually worked out quite well. The bus stopped a few blocks …

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