Tag: Public Transit

  • Taking the Clear The Air Challenge

    February is the Salt Lake Chamber’s Clear The Air Challenge. Utah DEQ’s intern, Sidney Rogers, took the challenge. Here is her story of commuting to work by bicycle and UTA TRAX.

  • Clear the Air Challenge: Making Public Transit a Way of Life

    By Elisa Smith Each year, the Clear the Air Challenge asks Wasatch Front residents to reduce their vehicle emissions by cutting down on their trips. We spoke with DEQ’s Elisa Smith, a “Top 5” winner of the 2015 winter air quality challenge, to learn how she makes public transit a way of life for herself…

  • Clear the Air Challenge: Join the Competition!

    By Ryan Evans, Guest Blogger DEQ invites guest bloggers to share their thoughts on issues that impact our environment. We appreciate their insights and the opportunity to broaden the conversation with others in the community. The Challenge is on! The Clear the Air Challenge is a month-long initiative that encourages Utah residents to drive less…

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