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Solid Waste Permitting

Businesses may only dispose of or incinerate solid waste at permitted facilities in compliance with Utah’s Solid Waste Rules. Non-hazardous solid waste generally consists of municipal garbage, industrial waste, or construction/demolition debris. New and expanding disposal sites, including on-site industrial facilities, must obtain permits, and all facilities are subject to inspection. Nearly all landfills are …

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Management of Solid and Hazardous Waste in Utah

Jump to: Mission Division Programs Used Oil Waste Facilities Disposing Waste Chemical Agent Program Mission of the Division of Waste Management and Radiation Control The Division of Waste Management and Radiation Control, under the Department of Environmental Quality, ensures the proper management of solid and hazardous waste and operates under the authority of the following …

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Talking Trash at DEQ

Interview with Matt Sullivan Most of us take our trash to the curb for pickup and don’t really consider where it goes after that. But did you know that the landfill that accepts your trash has to meet and maintain rigorous environmental standards to protect soils, ground water, and air? We asked Matt Sullivan, an …

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