Continuous Improvement/SUCCESS Framework
2018 State of the Environment Report (WMRC)

WMRC Inspection

DWMRC is committed to continuous improvement to improve performance and implement innovations that advance quality, efficiency, and effectiveness. Listed below are a few of the proposed and ongoing continuous improvement/SUCCESS Framework process improvements within DWMRC.

Upcoming Continuous Improvement Projects

Conversion of Used Oil Financial Assurance (FA) forms to writable PDF format

These writeable/fill-in forms will expedite the process for receiving information from permittees/FA institutions and issuing permits. The Division is still receiving feedback on the new format from its users.

Revision of used-oil permit application forms on the web to enhance the permitting process

This is the first step toward taking the basic information on the application form and inputting it directly into permit templates. The change will improve the processing time of permit applications and decrease review costs. This process is ongoing.

Conversion of Revision of Used Oil Annual Report Forms to a writable PDF

The conversion will allow permittees to input the information directly into the report forms, streamlining the process for both staff and permittees. Currently, permittees must download the form and enter the information manually. This process is ongoing.

Update of new rule citations on the small-quantity generators (SQG)/ large-quantity generators (LQG) checklists

This update will give the public to access the newest rule citations in a writable PDF checklist on the DEQ website. Generators will be able to download the checklists so they can use DWMRC forms for their own inspections. Having the checklists available should improve compliance rates. This conversion will also help inspectors and generators use electronic devices in the field. The checklists have been updated and are on the DEQ website for use by generators.

Ongoing Continuous Improvement Projects

Waste Management Permitting

The Division continues to work on process improvements to ensure enforceable permits are completed in an efficient and timely manner. DWMRC is monitoring trends and resolving technical issues that have required additional time to address.

Waste Management Compliance

The Division continues to work on process improvements to ensure permit compliance in the regulated community. Enhanced compliance tracking has increased attention to timeframes and further improved compliance rates.

X-ray Inspections

Improvements to the program have led to significant efficiencies in X-ray inspections, including the following:

  • Newer equipment that cuts data collection time approximately in half
  • Streamlined reporting process
  • Data collection and data transfer using an iPad rather than pen and paper
  • Administrative staff taking on most of the filing duties, freeing inspectors to visit more facilities
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