Depleted Uranium Exemption Request Background Information

Depleted Uranium Exemption Request Background Information

On August 24, 2018, EnergySolutions, LLC petitioned (323.95 KB) the Utah Waste Management and Radiation Control Board (“Board”) for an exemption “from the mass and concentration limit of Utah Admin. Code R313-25-9(5)” to allow EnergySolutions to dispose of depleted uranium penetrators at its Clive land disposal facility without performing the required performance assessment.

In 2010, the Utah Radiation Control Board promulgated R313-25-8 (later renumbered to R313-25-9(5)). Additional information regarding the rulemaking and technical criteria to meet the rule standards may be viewed at the links provided below the rule.

To view information regarding the EnergySolutions’ Exemption, public comment period, Division of Waste Management and Radiation Control (“Division”) technical reviews and correspondence, Board meetings, Board actions go to the public notices page.

The public comment period for the EnergySolutions exemption request has been extended to October 22, 2018. Please see the following two documents for information regarding this extension.

Utah Admin. Code R313-12-55(1) – Board Exemption RuleConfirming that Utah’s rules are compatible with federal rules for Agreement State status, the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission staff found R313-12-55(1) to be “similar” to 10 C.F.R. § 61.6. See 60 Fed. Reg. 6570 (95.29 KB) (February 2, 1995).

R313-25-8 (renumbered as R313-25-(9)(5)) RULEMAKING INFORMATION

EnergySolutions’ Comments

Board Minutes

Rulemaking Presentations Presented to the Board

U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Documents Addressing the Need to Conduct Site-Specific Performance Assessments for the Land Disposal of Large Quantities of Depleted Uranium

(many of these documents are incorporated by reference in the Radiation Control Board’s Statement of Basis (December 1, 2009)).

Depleted Uranium Information

Performance Assessment Information

Performance Objectives

Performance Assessment Information