Origins of Used Oil:
Used Oil Program

  • Air Conditioning Repair Facilities
  • Automotive Maintenance Facilities (See Note below.)
  • Electric Generating Stations
  • Household Do-It-Yourselfers
  • Manufacturing Companies
  • Mining and Smelter Operations
  • Plus Many Other Types of Businesses

Note: When you have an automotive maintenance facility change your oil for you, you probably are charged a small fee by the facility to get rid of your oil. The description of this fee on the invoice is variously referred to as a used oil disposal fee, an U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) fee, an environmental fee, etc. There is currently no state law requiring or authorizing this fee. A company may charge whatever fee it deems is appropriate. The company charges this fee to offset the costs it incurs from the transporter who comes to pick up this used oil.


For more information about the Used Oil Program, please contact Deborah Ng ( (385) 499-0837.