X-ray Inspections
2018 State of the Environment Report (WMRC)

X-ray inspections safeguard patient health by ensuring that diagnostic and radiological equipment functions properly and emits the lowest amount of radiation necessary for a given procedure.

DWMRC’s X-ray inspection program safeguards patient health by making sure that diagnostic and therapeutic radiological equipment uses the lowest amount of radiation necessary for a given procedure. Highly trained radiological inspectors evaluate the performance of X-ray units and radiation safety practices at these facilities on a regular basis.

The Division provides support and guidance to facilities with X-ray equipment, including procedures for measuring and reducing patient and non-patient exposure. Regularly scheduled visits from inspectors provide medical and dental professionals with the opportunity to ask questions, receive additional safety guidance and review exposure levels and instrument calibration. Inspections and radiation safety advice during inspections have increased compliance rates from 70 percent to 90 percent. As the use of radiological diagnostics increases in medical, dental, veterinary, and industrial practices, the proper operation of X-ray units is crucial for protecting individuals from unnecessary or even harmful exposure to radiation.

I was very impressed with the speed and accuracy of the inspection. Most people might worry about having an inspection, but I loved the peace of mind that it gave me that everything was set up correctly.”

–Dr. James D. Beadle, Sound Corrections Chiropractic, PLLC